XO Laptops


Consultant, supporting curriculum development and implementation with teachers



National Science Foundation ($2,809,612)


Project Description

This project builds and tests applications tied to the school curriculum that integrate the sciences with mathematics, computational thinking, reading and writing in elementary schools. The investigative core of the project is to determine how one-computer-per-child can be implemented in such a way as to support STEM learning and lead more urban children to STEM career paths. Data are collected both on the process of adoption and on the outcomes of learning and entering career paths, as measured by course selection and interests.


Building on a state effort that has provided XO laptop computers to every child in grades 1-5, this project provides approximately 160 teachers and 8000 students with computer resources and skills and supports the adoption so as to increase the number of students in the STEM pipeline. The community served by the project is an urban, predominantly African American, high poverty school system where students are underrepresented in the STEM pipeline. The project advances computing, science, and mathematics skills of 4th and 5th grade Birmingham City Schools (BCS) teachers and students, works with teachers to develop curriculum, and provides professional development for teachers, and facilitates participation and support by administrators. In addition, this project provides more extensive training to 320 students, drawn from each school, who become resources for the teachers and their fellow students. this project engages parents so that they understand the opportunities available for their children in STEM-centered careers and so that the parents can be supportive of their child's interest in STEM education.



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