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Programming Narratives

Project Role

Principle Investigator, supporting overall project management and curriculum development



National Science Foundation ($169,399)

Award Abstract #1116427 
RAPID: Developing Computational Thinking through Digital Storytelling: Coping with the Effects of the Oil Spill


Project Description

A shift in national demographics has led to a push for more diversity in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce in order to maintain the United State’s economic competitiveness. Currently, it is estimated that STEM related employment consists of about 72% non-minority, workers; however, as more efforts to recruit and retain underrepresented minorities are successful, this statistic should shift. While much attention has been placed on supporting “leaky pipelines,” less emphasis has been placed on mitigating challenges associated with bringing diverse cultures together. What is needed is a theory-based approach for supporting underrepresented minorities in building valuable skills to STEM areas while, simultaneously, enhancing their ability to collaborate successfully with peers who are different from themselves. In this work, we investigate the use of digital stories created in programming environments to cultivate emotional intelligence as well as computational thinking.



Daily, S.B., & Eugene, W. (2013) Preparing the Future STEM Workforce for Diverse Environments. Urban Education.  48(5), 682-704.