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Dating abuse and violence has become a significant problem over this last decade. Forty percent (40%) of youngsters in the United States face dating related abuse. A large number of those reported had severe injuries and they were continuing their relationships despite such violence (Rosen & Bezold, 1996; Sugarman & Hotaling, 1989). Dating abuse is considered as a precursor to spousal abuse and domestic violence, so this cycle of violence and escalating tendency needs to be nipped right in the bud. With huge advancements in communication technology, the use of it has shifted the abuse paradigm and now even a simple smartphone can be used as a tool for intimate partner violence. Cyber stalking using emails, text messaging and social media sites have significantly broadened the purview of abuse; now harassing, stalking and monitoring partners has become easier than it was before. As digital media is being used to abuse dating partners, exploring the feasibility of designing a phone application that can detect dating abuse from digital content is essential. This proposal talks about the design of a digital abuse detection mobile application, which will flag abusive content from text messages exchanged between two dating partners.